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Tiger Monk Roasted Oolong
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Tiger Monk Roasted Oolong 100g
Tiger Monk Roasted Oolong 100g $24.49 $32.49
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Crane Monk Light Oolong
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Dragon Monk Black Oolong
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My Body is My Temple
At Temple Road, we strongly believe in the importance of daily oolong tea consumption for long term health. Drinking oolong tea at key moments during the day can also help us maintain concentration levels and even improve the efficiency of weight control endeavors. All good reasons to make oolong tea a part of your day.
Walk on, Toward Truth, on Your Own Path
One of the young apprentice monks' most early and important commandments is a very simple one, "Never give up." Staying on path with dedication and conviction is the way, the Temple Road way. Let the Martial Monk Oolong Tea Series be a trusted companion on your journey.
In our opinion, Bruce Lee was the pioneer of bridging the East and West. Our modest endeavor has been inspired by his philosophy, authenticity, and the depth of his convictions.

Bruce Lee: Teacher, Philosopher, Actor, and Martial Artist 1940-1973 from Temple Road Tea on Vimeo.



5 Smart Reasons to Drink Tea

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The Tea Break Effect Whether your tea break is an opportunity to socialize, gather your thoughts, adjust your To Do list, or a more centering and meditative one, the tea break effect is certainly a tasty and healthy habit that has a great impact on the unfolding of our days. Good Breath Tired of finding new innovative ways to get rid of the unpleasant coffee breath? Why not try a cup of tea! Tea tastes great and leaves you with a fresh and pleasant breath.   Keeping Us Alert and Productive The caffeine in tea, usually 3 times less than that of coffee by the way, helps keep us alert while reducing our risk of a caffeine crash later in...

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Teapot: a pot with a handle, spout, and lid, in which tea is brewed and from which it is poured. Or a work of art? For tea enthusiasts, the answer probably lies at the intersection of these two definitions. A teapot that has been carefully crafted by an artisan or artist with high quality materials certainly adds to the intangible and tangible elements defining the tea drinking experience. For many, a favorite teapot is simply akin to a trusted companion accompanying a journey. The handmade teapot scene is vibrant in Taiwan as it benefits from the incredible contributions of men like Tseng Tsai-One, men who have dedicated their lives to achieving perfection in teapot confection. Born in 1932, Mr. Tseng...

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